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HAM Precision - Machining of Advanced Materials HAM Precision - Machining of Advanced Materials HAM Precision - Machining of Advanced Materials

Efficient and qualified machining of new or exotic materials such as CFRP, GRP, Honeycomb, Titanium and Aluminum require extraordinary demands to cutting materials, geometries and coatings.

Whereas in the aerospace industry "exotic" materials have been used for quite some time, the implementation in the automotive industry of materials such as CFRP or Titanium has only just started.

The main reason is the reduction of weight and the optimization of performance and efficiency while at the same time keeping the maximum degree of strength and stability.

One of the greatest challenges concerning the application of advanced material is the chip removal process. For example CFRP is very abrasive and Titanium is a long-chipping material with very poor heat conductivity. This leads to high temperatures at the tool cutting edge which affects an enormous tool wear with accordingly low tool life.

Due to our know-how in machining of fiber reinforced composite materials and by the know-how of our partners in the coating branch, we are able to offer particular developed diamond coating according to the application.

For many years HAM has been working on solutions for efficient and economic tool machining of advanced materials and is now able to offer and extensive program for solid carbide and PCD-tipped tools in standard and special designs.

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