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HAM Precision Tools - PCD Arbor Milling
HAM PCD face-corner milling cutter was specifically designed for the machining of aluminum.

  • Highest possible efficiency due to the maximum number of teeth
  • PCD-Cutting insert guarantees highest precision and optimal surface quality
  • Considerable higher tool life is achieved compared to conventional cutter systems
  • The cutting adjustment is optimized and simplified by edgewise (sidewise) fine adjustment
For excellent surface milling of cylinder heads, motor blocks, gearboxes and pump cases.

Proffered application for Diamond Milling Cutters is cutting of AL and AL-Alloys, as well as non-ferrous heavy metals, precious metals, thermoplastic and fiber reinforced plastics.

Due to new developments in grinding of PCD it is possible to manufacture cutting inserts in large quantities accurate with microns. We guarantee a well-organized re-grinding service to make sure that cutting inserts are available without delay of any time.

The efficiency of out tool technology is a result of many years of industrial experience and extensive know-how regarding new materials. This is how new cutting tools are developed for longer tool life and shorter machining time.

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