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HAM Special Tooling

HAM dedicates a great deal of time to manufacture special carbide tools. We produce tools in all technical variations according to the customer's special requirements: step drills, form drills, reamers, drill and chamfering tools, boring reamers etc. We do everything possible to find a solution for you.

HAM proves themselves in numerous sophisticated ways. There is hardly any material that cannot be machined: steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, ceramics as well as plastics and fiber reinforced materials.

HAM Special Tooling

The HAM PCD drill point utilizes a chevron shaped PCD blank that covers the entire chisel as well as both cutting edges. The HAM PCD drill point can be re-sharpened as long as the PCD is not chipped. We have may PCD drills that are exceeding 400,000 before resharp is necessary.

HAM PCD tooling is finish ground on all diameters as we as all of the cutting surfaces.

HAM has the capability to supply PCD finishing tools in all popular shank configurations as a monoblock design. All HAM tooling is dynamically balanced. All PCD special are provided with an approval drawing and shipped with a detailed inspection report.

HAM Special Tooling

HAM offers brazed special carbide tools with steel bodies. HAM produces tools in all forms and variations according to the customer requirements. With the use of our modern machinery we are not able to produce complex tool geometries.

HAM Special Tooling

HAM Indexable inserts and cartridge tool systems for drilling, milling and countersinking. We offer shank interfaces in all common sizes. We produce tools according to the customer's requirements using the following materials for the tool bodies: steel, heavy metal and carbide. As cutting materials we offer carbide coated, PCD, CVD, CBN, ceramics or cermets.

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